Liquid Rat Poison (For Home And Outside Use)

There are many rat poison brands and industries that produce different mouse poison. All of them have their own pros and cons. But all of their products act in a similar manner, providing attraction to rodents.

Some poison product attracts rodents, by providing them a bait. These baits are often made of peanut butter or other foods like a cake that attract the mouse. The rat thinking that this is the regular eating food, but in reality, the food is full of anticoagulants. Anticoagulants prevent the mouse blood from clotting. causing internal bleeding that eventually kills the rats.

Some poison kills rats with water. You have to mix the poison in the water. this poison is called liquid rat poison.

Liquid rat poison is best for attics, garages, and stores. Almost all the rats live in your attics, stores, and garages. these places provide them shelter and food. what they don’t have is a source of water. use this lack of water to your advantage and control the population of rats with water-based rodenticide.

If you are looking to get rid of rats. And they have made your life torments. Rat poison is the best solution for killing rats. Following is the list of liquid rat poison, that can help you to clean your house from mice.

1. MOTOMCO Tomcat Mouse and Rat Liquid Concentrated Bait:

Tomcat is a best liquid rat poison that kill rats with a single feeding. A Concentrate for preparing liquid bait to kill Norway rats, Roof rats, and House mice.

Rats were causing damage and spreading dirt in your home. The rats spread his population very quickly. Eliminate the number of rats before they become too large.

Rats are unreliable smart they can always avoid traps and toxic food, but they have to drink water several times a day. you have to set out a watering station with non-treated water. When the rodents are comfortable with the water station and no one is dying they relied on them. then put the liquid poison on the water station. The active charcoal will kill rats instantly.
Tomcat liquid rat poison is made by the pest control industry. that provides a wide variety of products to kill any type of pest in any living environment.

The Tomcat liquid rat poison will kill all types of rats, like Norway rats, Roof rats, and you house standard mice. The rat and mouse poison is best for agriculture, and commercial buildings. It is an easy and quick way to get rid of rodents from your farm and businesses.


  • Tomcat is a high-quality product, which kills any type of rodents.
  • You can use it in agricultural, industrial, and commercial buildings.
  • Tomcat is a fast-acting poison. Which kills rats instantly.


  • It is very dangerous for children and pets. You can not use it in your home.

2. Natural Armor Animal and Rodent Repellent Spray:

This is another liquid rat poison that keeps your house clean from any pest and mice. Get rid of and keep your home, garages, stores, gardens, clean from rats, deer, mice, and other pests.
Natural armor animal and rodent repellent spray are fast and handy. It contains an all-natural ingredient, made from cinnamon oil, garlic oil, and peppermint oil which is effective and not harmful for you and your pets.

This rodent repellent spray does not kill only rodents. by using this spray you can also clean your house, garages, gardens, and crops from any pest including Rabbits, Deer, Squirrels, Mice, and many more animals.


  • It can easy to use just shake the bottle and spray it in the place where you notice the activities of the mouse.
  • Made from natural ingredient, which is not harmful to children and pets.
  • It covers approximately up to 1000 square feet.


  • Does not work for outdoors.

3. Exterminators Choice Small Animal Protection Rodents Defence Repellent For Rodents:

Rodent Defence is a safe choice to get rid of rats. it is a safe, versatile, and effective repellent that works on Rats, rabbits, mice, raccoons, and more. You can use it in outdoor applications as well as for indoor areas. Spray it around trashcans, Attics, gardens, and everywhere the mouse lives. These poisons work on houses, garages, buildings, and anywhere this long-lasting product prevents rodents from inter in your property.

This poison can not affect children and pets, because it is made from 100% safe natural ingredients. No harmful chemical ingredients included which is dangerous for children and pets. So do not worry About this product if you have pets like dogs, cats, birds, and any other wildlife animal. It has been prepared particularly for rodents.


  • You can use it in your home if you have children and pets. because It is made from 100% natural ingredients.
  • Effective and made from natural ingredients.
  • You can use it indoors and outdoor.


  • Some time it not kill Norway rats.

4. Rodent Sheriff pest Control- Ultra- Pure Peppermint Spray:

Rodents sheriff image

This is an awesome product for every kind of rodent, ants, Lizard, and pest. it is basically made from peppermint oil, so it smells good.

Rodent sheriff is best for homes, kitchens, attics, and stores. Rats naturally dislike the smell of peppermint oil, so when they feel the smell of peppermint oil, they run away from your home.

This is a safe liquid rat poison to spray in your home, It can not affect your children and pets. Because it is made with natural ingredients which can not affect your dogs, cats, bird and other pets and children, but the rodents hat it.


  • You can safely use it in your home if you have children and pets.
  • Easy to use just spray it in the place where you notice the activity of rats.
  • it is Affordable everyone can purchase it.


  • Does not work outdoor.

5. Tomcat Repellents Rodent Repellent Ready-To-Use for Inside and outside Rodents Prevention:

This is the best rat poison that kills all types of rats, like Norway rats, Roof Rats, and your house standard Mice. It is easy to use just shake the rat killer poison liquid bottle and spray it in the place where rats live.

Tomcat Repellents is safe for use around kids and pets. It is particularly made for rodents. it does not effect you children and pets.


  • Long-lasting and Weather resistant.
  • Easy to use.
  • You can use it for inside and outside rodents prevention.


  • Some customer review that it does not work very well.

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